Helping Families Become Better Prepared

When you sit down, with your favorite beverage, you are finally at peace with some of the unknowns that always had you uptight. You know the things that are always in the back of your mind, the someday I need to do things. You are now prepared for many of the different types of emergencies that could come up with you and your family. We have put together this guide as an organized way to presenting all of the various ways for you to prepare yourself and your family for unforeseen events that could happen to you.  Let us mentor you- just browse through the topics below to get started.

Learn about all steps to being better prepared. We go over all of the different types of situations that people find themselves in. You can be well prepared.

Preparation guide

When learning to be prepared there are many things you need to know about what people share as ways out of your situation. Check out the following topics to be more prepared.

What Preparers Should Know

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Freeze Dried Food

 What Is Freeze Dried Food

Freeze dried food is actually very good for you and most people find it to be very tasty as well.  One big thing that always comes up in emergency preparedness is the food supply. 

Food, water, cooking fire, warmth, staying dry and communication are the big areas to be covered in emergency readiness. Other needs that are very important are medicines, and medical treatment supplies.  But food is probably the first thing people think of.  Will I have food to live? Good question, will you?

You need to understand your choices to make the best decisions for you and your family. Food choices, would be normal food supply chain foods, emergency foods, or you could hunt and fish for your food. What is best for you? Most people will opt for the emergency foods in times of disaster or unusual circumstances.

Why? Because all you need is water to be added, hot water preferably. The food can be kept on your shelves for up to 25 years and it would still be nutritious and good tasting.  It will cover your needs.

 The Three Food Supply Chains

Emergency Freeze Dried

The history of modern freeze dried food goes back to WWII days when the process was developed as a way to transport medical serums to our soldiers in the war. it then was used on some foodstuffs and eventually became very popular in the USA space program in the late 60s and the 1970s.

Freeze-drying is a three-step process that begins with freezing. Then the food is placed in a vacuum chamber under low heat. The frozen water crystals evaporate directly from ice to water vapor in a process called sublimation.

The food then undergoes “secondary drying,” in which any remaining water molecules are removed under slightly higher temperatures.  This creates light weight food, thus you also have much less spoilage in the food since all of the moisture content has been taken out.

This allows hikers to be able to carry more food with them, also it allows the home owner the ability to store much larger quantities of food on there shelves in their food pantries or whatever food storage space they have in their current living space.  The much greater shelf live is very important in using these foods for your emergency plans.

Normal Grocery Purchases

The normal go to the grocery store and buy what you need food chain is the most widely used and we are all very used to it, But?  We worked in the food supply side for over 20 years. We can tell you from first hand experience this way of getting your food will totally breakdown within the first 24-30 hours after a real emergency. 

Suppliers and grocery stores carry about a day and a half of maximum sales levels for food.  In order to keep fresh in the store at all times this is the way the current system works. We as the supplier would make deliveries to the grocery store 5 days a week. 

All deliveries for us were planned around product baking day availabilities, and product shelf life.  My whole week’s deliveries were planned around maximum freshen and sales for me and the grocery store.  My shelf space was limited by the grocer. My food was ordered usually 4 days and some items were ordered a week in advance.  Do you see any problems.  Yea, it will breakdown really quick.

Hunting and Fishing

The third supply chain is hunting and fishing for your own food.  Gardening would be one as well, but it’s an emergency so this is out. You could hunt and fish if you have the experience, the equipment and the availability of rivers, or lakes near you, and also forested land where game is to be hunted.  Some people would be able to do this but we are betting maybe only 10% of the population at most fits here.  So this is unreasonable.